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How to buy a stock?

When any of us go to Robinhood in hopes of buying a stock, the first incentive is which stock is gonna make the most money for me but we never consider long-term or short-term or even if the stock is worth its value right now. We mostly invest based on hearsay where since your friend or colleague is investing in something; you take their word for it and some news they tell you about the company. I did that for almost 2 years, I did not lose money but did not make a huge amount of returns either. Whereas some of the hedge funds claimed to make 50–100% returns. That made me wonder what is it that they know and we don’t. After digging up a lot of youtube lectures, reading books at a library and consulting with some college professors I got a good understanding of what is it that makes hedge funds so special. So here’s the basics that you might wanna consider before picking stocks.
In this article, I will be focusing on how to invest for long-term and ignoring any short-term news which I…